Q: What scooters are freeway legal?
A: Any scooter above 149cc is freeway legal in California.

Q: Are your scooters all CARB approved (i.e.California legal)?

A: Yes, all scooters sold by the ScooterKing of Cali are CARB approved, and legal to register in California.

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Home delivery is available for a nominal charge. We are conveniently located in Vallejo, California, a short drive from all points in the bay area. We have delivery service for all bay area cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Stockton, El Cerrito, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Vallejo, and more!

Q: What kind of license do I need for a scooter?
A: Any scooter above 149cc requires an M2 motorcycle license.

1. First, study the MOTORCYCLE GUIDE and pass the written test at the DMV. Be sure to take the online practice test here.
2. Following a period of practice with your permit, then you must either take an approved motorcyle training class or pass a riding skills test at the DMV. Appointments for the driving test can be made online.

Q: Do I need a helmet?
A: All drivers, and passengers, are required to wear a helmet at all times.